In the Wash…. |Oro Valley Arizona Family Photographer|

I’m not sure I really knew what a “wash” was before moving to Oro Valley.  Now I know :)  Any area where the water washes out or down during the big rains… It makes for some great dry river bed areas that are a lot easier to walk in than the cactus filled desert in higher areas!  I had a great time photographing this darling family!  These kids were serious rock stars and so good!  I kind of wanted to steal their darling three year old and take her home with me… I could just give Wren a twin, right?!  Two three-year-old girls would be a piece of cake, haha!  Plus her cute snuggles with mom and dad made for some of my favorite pictures from the session.

And oh my goodness…. this is the middle of November!  In Boise I stopped scheduling sessions about now because kids were always freezing and everything looked dead.  But we had the most perfect afternoon yesterday!  All that yummy, warm sunshine  and glowing pictures makes me so happy.  Thank you Larsen family for being so great!


Seriously, how adorable are these faces?!?orovalleyphotographer_015orovalleyphotographer_016orovalleyphotographer_017orovalleyphotographer_018orovalleyphotographer_019orovalleyphotographer_020orovalleyphotographer_021

They posed themselves here… and as I was editing I was cracking up at how little of the stool she had managed to secure for herself… They’re pretty cute regardless!


Any family who can bust out these faces on que is a winner in my book.  I mean check out those crazy eyes on the cutie in the front… she obviously gets it from here mama :). orovalleyphotographer_026



Oro Valley Family Photos

It’s been so great to get some new Arizona faces behind my lens!  And goodness, this family was just awesome!  Their boys were so well behaved… and that little freckle nosed Ollie was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve photographed in a long time!  They were patient with me, as I was paranoid about missing that perfect sunset hour and so we started the session probably 20 minutes earlier than we really needed too… but that just means extra pictures for them :).  I’m loving getting back in the groove and, of course, still loving that gorgeous backdrop!





Location hunting |Oro Valley Family Photographer|

One of the  barriers when thinking about whether I wanted to start up my business in Arizona, was the fact that I’d have to find new locations!  There’s no shortage of scenery in Oro Valley, that’s for sure.  But places that are accessible and safe for families to move around in are slightly harder to find!  My sweet Rooster was only to happy to be my model and was so excited to go out with mom and have her picture taken.  And of course, where big sister goes, little sister follows.  Wren was thrilled to put her “princess” (any dress or skirt) on… but flatly refused to let me touch her hair, ha!  We ended up only having like 7 minutes before it started to rain… so we didn’t  have a lot of time to warm them up get the most natural smiles… and the last couple of pictures of the rain drops falling and Reese catching and running in the rain are so fun!   I sure love these girls!  So proud and lucky to be their mama!

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And the rest of the crew not in wardrobe…. that good husband of mine always going along with the crazy and carrying my bag :)20161002_0070 copy20161002_0091 copy20161002_0108 copy20161002_0117 copyb copyorovalleyAZphotographer


Welcome to Arizona!!

After moving from Boise and getting all settled into our new home in Oro Valley, Arizona just north of Tucson, I was starting to feel the itch to get back in the game and start taking some pictures.  But moving is a big job and I felt like I wasn’t ready to figure out all the ins and outs of a business in Arizona on top of schools, registering cars, and living life with four kids, ha!  But my sweet friend Cassi had family coming from the North Carolina and Florida and asked if I would take their pictures all together.  It was the perfect push to dust off my camera.

I loved meeting the rest of Cassi’s family and of course her darling kids were so much fun to photograph.  Thanks for such a great evening!!



Ty & Rebekah | Boise Idaho Wedding |

Everything about these two and their special day made me smile!  We started off the fun before the wedding with a ‘first look’ and bride and groom session… I had so many favorites from this session, it was hard to choose!  And also there is a lot of scrolling to get through all these! I had some computer trouble recently and software I use to group photos together isn’t up and running yet… but I think it’s worth the finger cramp ;)

TR_071 copyTR_074 copyTR_087 copyTR_088 copyTR_092 copyTR_095 copyTR_096 copyTR_104 copyTR_105 copy

TR_001 copyTR_030 copyTR_032 copyTR_036canvas copyTR_057 copyTR_062 copy

And then their actual wedding day, which was a most pleasant August day!!  Such a  joy to see all their family and friends so happy for them!

Ty_Rebekah _019Ty_Rebekah _027Ty_Rebekah _030Ty_Rebekah _039 copyTy_Rebekah _046 copyTy_Rebekah _055Ty_Rebekah _085Ty_Rebekah _089Ty_Rebekah _092Ty_Rebekah _154 copyTy_Rebekah _160Ty_Rebekah _168Ty_Rebekah _169Ty_Rebekah _192Ty_Rebekah _212Ty_Rebekah _213Ty_Rebekah _219Ty_Rebekah _223Ty_Rebekah _227Ty_Rebekah _238Ty_Rebekah _246Ty_Rebekah _248

Ty_Rebekah _258Ty_Rebekah _265Ty_Rebekah _288Ty_Rebekah _290Ty_Rebekah _294Ty_Rebekah _303Ty_Rebekah _307Ty_Rebekah _321Ty_Rebekah _322Ty_Rebekah _326Ty_Rebekah _333Ty_Rebekah _336Ty_Rebekah _339Ty_Rebekah _341Ty_Rebekah _343Ty_Rebekah _345Ty_Rebekah _360Ty_Rebekah _363Ty_Rebekah _369Ty_Rebekah _389Ty_Rebekah _394 copyTy_Rebekah _398 copy

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